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With 2019 off to an amazing start; tallying almost 200,000 audio/visual streams on her mainstream debut release Ricochet, Independent Singer/songwriter Chantal O'Brien or just Chantal, as she is known, is an Australian artist who brings to life some strong (half) Spanish genes often present in her music; traveling extensively throughout the world writing and finding inspiration for new sounds. Chantal is currently based in London but has been recently exploring the American city of Los Angeles (CA).

Classically trained up to the age of 18, Chantal then ventured into the world of Pop music. Having been very grateful to the teachings received during her 4-year connection with Opera Queensland (Australia), and with formal studies in piano, music theory and completed 8 years of voice study through the Australia Music Examination Board (AMEB), Chantal is ready to take on the world of commerce, the world of pop, offering a sound arguably familiar yet unique in her approach and vocal delivery.


A fun fact - Chantal commenced her Degree in Architecture (Australia), and though she thoroughly enjoyed it, music beckoned her and she ventured to London to study and pursue her dream of being an artist. Chantal says of music, “I cannot remember a time when singing was not a part of my life” Her first music class was at the age of two (2), and she has studied under some wonderfully gifted music and performance coaches, and has been a member of numerous girls and/or mixed groups and choirs.


Chantal continues to develop her music craft as she travels and has diligently planned some major music releases for 2019/2020. Heavily influenced by some of the biggest names in Pop, such as Adele, Christina Aguilera, Whitney Houston, Jessie J, Sam Smith and more, she aims at nothing short of pop domination and hopes to be a light for other dreamers throughout her homeland Australia and the world at large.  Photography provided by Carlos Coll


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Chantal launches her first ever Merch Store, but its not just a store! More on this… Stay tuned!



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Feature 1

Chantal is launching her very first Merch Store! But it isn’t just a store … for more on this, stay tuned!


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Wanting to know more about Chantal? She is writing blogs based on her story of following her dreams to date! Stay tuned for more … it isn’t what you would’ve imagined!

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Chantal was awarded “Best Pop Song” by The Akademia for ‘Glory Days’ on July 15th, 2018.

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